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3 Events in a Day

Today I attended 3 events, they were #HavantFunDay #PortsmouthGrassrootsFestival and #SouthseaFoodFestival. Im not sure if they really need the hashtag but I've gotten so used to typing them like that now its almost a natural reaction.

Isn't it always the way, nothing on, nothing on, oooo, 3 events in a day! I really wanted to see each of the events. Each had a slightly different focus; the fun day had lots of different activities and live music, grassroots fest had lots of information about the environment and our local surroundings, the food fest, well, you can probably guess.

Event 1 - Havant Fun Day

I attended Havant Fun Day first as it was the closest event to my home. I actually got there just before the event opened, there was quite a queue forming. It was nice to see the children run in as the event opened, its fair to say they were more interested in the fun and games than the Mayor.

The event filled quickly with people and was well facilitated, to the extent I wonder if the event could grow? The green this event was located on is half of field, so there could be an option to expand in the future...

I appreciated the 'Need a Prayer' stand at the event too. This unmanned stall looked very lonely as the 2 next to it had lots of people around them. Having a prayer space is a lovely idea and I think could be more important than many realise. Theres lots of fun stuff going on and most people had come along as families. This could be an important opportunity and chance for someone to think about the things that are affecting them. Maybe I'm overthinking, that can happen, but with a rise in mental health awareness I find this a nice, soft, approach to mental health and general wellness.

The live music and hay bales were good, it would be nice to have more bales if possible in future, it really helps to create an experience environment.

Event 2 - Portsmouth Grassroots Festival

I likely first saw this event through Alanna's posts, it seems to be something she would be into. There was a good mixture of information and opportunities to engage and support our local environment.

On arrival I managed to get into to see the TED Talk styled presentation on Southsea's flood defences. This was super interesting because it was about the planned changes that could be put into place soon. This included hearing about the plans to raise defences along the coastline, which would mean losing the view from the common to the sea. There would be a barrier essentially put in place with landmarks like cafes placed at the top overlooking everything. Im going to try and find out more about this!

I also really enjoyed talking to the ladies from The Good Mental Health Cooperative, its definitely worth checking them out. They were one of the approximately 25 stalls that were exhibiting.

I didn't particularly talk to anyone else at the event so can't tell you mush else other than I enjoyed looking at the plants and little trees.

Event 3 - Southsea Food Festival

I parked a little bit away from the event so I could take my time and not have to worry about parking tickets. Once I made it there, the event was super interesting with a range of foods and drinks.

However, for me, it was was too busy to enjoy. It was rammed. Maybe this would have been different if I was there with other people, but I just didn't find it very... relaxing.

I had planned to get food and drink and chill there, specially having come from the two previous events. While the food looked and smelt good, I just didn't want to stand shoulder to shoulder with people squeezing past. All while I try to eat. No thanks.

I decided to look around, I walked around the whole festival twice and stood to listen to the live music for about 10 minutes. Guys, I tried!

After about 50 minutes I made my way back to the car and to home for a less tasty meal, but somewhere I had access to a seat and foot space.

It would be fair to say this was a busy day. But I really enjoyed visiting all three events. I think looking back I probably enjoyed the Havant Fun Day the most. Also it was great to see something happening in Havant. So often all the event focus seems to be in Portsmouth locally, so it was nice to visit something in my town.

Did you go along to any of these events? What was your experience?

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