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Taking a Rest

I have taken a bit of a step back the last 2 or so weeks. There have been a few things going on in the world that have meant that I didn't feel it was appropriate to post, I didn't want to post, I didn't even want to write. It just all felt a bit insignificant and disrespectful.

Work has been busy to, in fact the last two days I've tried not to do too much. Its half term and my first break since Christmas, which because of my struggles didn't feel like much of a break. So its been nice to rest up a little. Though I have ended up hating myself for not being more productive in this time.

There has been some less than pleasant stuff in the last week or so online too. I think it is again worth stating we all think different things, will react in different ways and as long as we respect others views, not enforcing our own, thats ok. I do realise that in saying this I am in a way encouraging you to think the same as me. Or am I over thinking? Anyway, I have previously said all I need to about not needing to get on with everyone online and that being ok.

I hope everyone affected in anyway by the events in the last few weeks is able to access the support they need. My thoughts go out to you.

While I chose to not post or talk much in the last few weeks, I think nothing less of those that did post.

For me this has been a time to reflect on some of the good things we have and are able to do. To try and be positive and upbeat. We can but try right. So heres my attempt. I am going to try and book everything that I have been leaving this week, thats MOT, a particular event (more coming soon), my massage (I have a gift voucher), clean up downstairs, sort out the lounge a bit and see some friends.

I have already made a start downstairs by turning the dining table I rarely use and a space hogger, into a lovely coffee table. It was fun to do, if a bit of good luck that it worked out ok. I love it now, I have already used it more in the last 2 days than I had in the last 2 months. All I had to do was cut the 4 legs down by about a third. Fair to say there was a bit of sanding down. But its great!

I received another divorce letter today. Which I think maybe the final one, yay. I have mixed feelings again, but they are getting more positive. Again it is a reminder of my failure as a husband. But I am getting better at accepting that this is what is best and what I need. So Im glad that I am getting better at focusing on the positive side of this.

Today I did get out of the house and make my way over to Burger King in Havant. It was a risk, I have been there three times before and its been the worse BK experience of my life! I was won over by BK while in Australia with Hungry Jacks. The Australian BK. Unfortunately for me the fries are soo much better in Australia. Anyway, since being back in the UK I have found BK to be my fast food of choice. But my local BK seems to be the worst. Each time I have been before its just been bad. The restaurant was untidy, the staff seem over worked and the food is definitely not the best. However, today was a different story. The place was clean, staff were friendly and the food was better than before. Fingers crossed for my local BK!

Within my break / rest a couple of things have been going on. You may have seen my post about Live at the Bandstand, it was great to have a day out and enjoy the music and dance performance this weekend. It kind of felt like I was able to, or allowing myself to get going again.

This week I have also been listening back on previous podcasts episodes as the Podcast is now 1 year old. It has been quite emotional to listen back to some of the chats and the topics covered. I am so proud of the guests I have had on the podcast in this last year. It and YOU have been amazing!

I am in the process of trying to put together something a little special, its not going to be available this month (May), strictly speaking the birthday month. But its good to spread the birthday love, so Im looking forward to sharing it with you in the next week or two.

I am looking forward to some upcoming events with Pompey Bloggers and #MHBSouthCoast as the summer gets ever closer. I hope you are all well, and enjoying your half term if you have it.

Also, Im waiting for Guardians of the Galaxy, Logan and Power Rangers to be available on iTunes so no one talk to me about them, at all!

In bad news, sorry to end on a downer. Today I found out Hannah Witton has a boyfriend so I'm going to cry in the corner now, haha.

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