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New Schedule

Hey Guys! So Ive been trying loads of new things this year, with the blog, podcast and with vlogging too. In fact its kind of got a bit much. I am on the edge of losing the fun with some of the writing because I have been trying to keep to a strict schedule, which has been really hard to do alongside my near full time job and second job. Not to mention creating @PompeyBloggers. I feel like I have lost the opportunity to just sit and write the crap thats in my head. Maybe thats not a bad thing haha. But I feel my best posts come from those unplanned moments. When everything is just running through my head and I'm either buzzing or on the edge of something not great. Its in those moments that the words can just ooze out of my pores and onto the keyboard. Im not thinking about the grammar or the spelling. Im not thinking theres this really cool thing I want to tell you about, I am just saying... Im not even saying, Im not thinking its just coming out. Does that make any sense? Im not sure. But thats whats happening. And honestly its so cool, its been a while since Ive been able too write like this. Without planning and without thinking. Its so refreshing. I am glad that you can't see my face now though it is something between a cheesy smile and resting bitch face, haha.

Blogging has quite possibly been something that has saved my life and maybe on more than one occasion, it has defiantly changed me. While there will always be a place for planned posts that need to be thought through and well (at least better) structured, I enjoy the randomness of just sitting writing, Im loving that this post was going to be a quick 2 liner about a new schedule and has turned into a little bit more. It is freedom, I feel like Willam Wallace about to go to war with the establishment. Though, Im not breathing in the fresh air on house back right now... I think thats probably the only difference.

So yes back to the reason for the post.

The schedule I have been keeping for the last 2 to 3 months has meant that I don't have time to sit and just right as much. Maybe time is the wrong word. As I have had the time. Its more my mindset. It has been fixed on producing posts rather than just enjoying writing.

The schedule of one vlog, one podcast and two blog posts a week is starting to get too much. So I am planning to make a slight change. There will be from now, just one weekly blog post. With the occasional extra post if I am inspired or there is a time relative post I want to share.

I am also going to review how I produce my vlog posts. As I really enjoy chatting to you guys, but Im not sure if the way Im currently recording is the best.

Again Im keeping you guys in mind, but I am trying to do everything for me first. So posts I would be interested in and that I am passionate about. While Im sure you love my cats and lunchtime walks Im not sure that you want to see me do similar things on multiple days haha. Im trying to keep the weekly vlog under 10 minutes at the moment, but then its all quite quick with little talking. While potentially there could be better individual videos about set topics...

Thus (good word right!) I will see how the next month goes and maybe review again then. If you have any feedback Id love to hear from you. How often do you post and what are you happy with? I think thats what I am trying to work out. After falling in love with everything blog related last year its balancing the workload with passion, interest and fun. Right now for example I am writing a post about porn, fun right? Well this is the first post Ive come back to 3 times and its still only half there. Id love to say its because I've been looking for suitable images and keep having to stop because I'm running to the bathroom cock in hand. But the truth is Im just not balled over while writing it. And I should be!

Hopefully this new schedule will allow me to enjoy the upcoming posts and activities much more. Just writing this has made me feel more positive.

Lets remember why we are here. Many of you like me, write because you enjoy it. Its not for views, followers, or groupies... actually I wouldn't mind groupies... Its to write. To share our passion. To raise awareness of issues, topics and illnesses. To break stigma. To raise aspirations... and to write.

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