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Lego Batman

I recently went to the cinema to see the Lego Batman Movie. I was excited to see the movie because the trailers looked so good and because I still think Lego Movie is amazing.

Back in January I wrote about my Five To Watch in 2017, Lego Batman was my number five.

From trailers it looked like the same humour and fun would be present in the film. Likely with a few guest characters, but I was not too sure. It just

Here is a link to the fourth teaser trailer - Click ME

As you may have seen from my weekly vlog for 13th to 20th February, I went along to CineWorld Chichester. The cinema is one I have not been to for a long time. It almost seems small compared to some of the other local cinemas in Portsmouth and Southampton.

The staff where very friendly and helpful and it wasn't long before we where in our seats munching on popcorn. Well I was. O, and the drink (aka. the main reason I would go to the cinema), that Tango slushy drink, so good! It reminds me of the drinks I used to get in Australia. So so so good!

Anyway the movie.

Having watched this movie can I just say how awesome a job the trailers do of setting this movie up. Pretty much all the trailer content is from the first third of the movie. This meant I didn't go in knowing the whole plot and essential movie before it even started. This is such a rare thing these days. So often hating a trailer Im left feeling I have already watched most of the movie, know the plot and the path the movie will take. Along with seeing one of the final scenes because its an impressive visual.

The movie its self I enjoyed, but... I didn't think as much of it as I thought I would. I think so much of that is down to the fact, for me, Lego Movie is a better movie. It has a better use of characters, has better songs more funny parts.

Don't get me wrong the first and last thirds of this movie are great. I just kind of lost interest in the middle. There were characters that didn't seem funny, or worthwhile. They were there just because there needed to be extra 'guest' characters. Without going into lots of detail thats where the movie failed for me.

However! This movie did bring home something for me. The message of the story being that Batman (who wore his mask 90% of the time, which I loved. Because we often get superhero movies with the hero constantly taking their mask off so we the audience can see their face. I mean come on! They would so not take of their identity protection in the situations they do), distances himself from other people to protect himself at the start of the movie. Then he starts to care for those close to him and sees they care for him. So he pushes them away to protect them.

This is something I associate with so much. I really struggle with close relationships. It has been a cause for much internal confusion and frustration.

I mean when I compare the Batman with Wikipedia's (great source right?!) definition of BDP:

"Borderline personality disorder (BPD), also known as emotionally unstable personality disorder, is a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by unstable relationships with other people, unstable sense of self, and unstable emotions. There is often an extreme fear of abandonment, frequent dangerous behavior, a feeling of emptiness, and self-harm."

Do you think that sounds like Batman? Because I think it sounds like me! Could I say 'Im Batman'? Its not quite the reason you want to have, but, I still get to say it.

I was truly touched and made to think by this movie. But I'm fairly sure not in the way I was meant to be.

In summary, the movie was good. You'll enjoy it much more if you haven't seen Lego Movie. Theres no real catchy sound, shame. The start and end to the movie are good and fun. Theres too many crappy, I don't care characters. There is a very powerful message that some people may connect with.

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