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Stay Safe: Run, Hide, Tell

Last week I had a terrorism awareness training session. It's taken a little while for it to sink in and the bordem to subside so I could take in the important stuff.

I had a similar experience in a previous workplace with the fire safety training, in fact, there, I actually asked for the training again. It was so important and delivered in such a boring fashion that I needed two hits at it.

Fortunately I don't feel the need to have this training again.

It is a real shame we have to have this type of training and awareness. But, I am glad I work somewhere that takes responsibility for its staff and students. It is very unlikely that we would be a target given our size and location. However, we do have staff and students that travel to more popular, busy locations. This training and information, while being applied to our workplace was relevant for anyone anywhere.

For that reason I feel it important to share some of the key points with you. Hopefully this is one of those you never need it things.

Run, Hide, Tell

1. Run

In the event of any attack it is important to get yourself to safety. Encourage others to come with you, help them. But do not let them slow you down if they are unsure or unwilling to move.

2. Hide

Get yourself into a safe place. Be as far from the attack as possible. Open spaces are not a good idea if you are unsure what is happening. You could be in the sight line of an attacker.

Lock yourself in a room, barricade the door. Remember this is not the movies. Bullets will pass through more than you'd think. So move back, place heavy and thick items in front of you for protection. Put mobile phones on silent.

3. Tell

Call 999. Do not think someone else will do this. If more people call a response appropriate for the situation is more likely. Additionally if you have seen or hear something it is probably different to someone else, so your account will help those responding to the call.

If you see or pass colleagues, peers, anyone tell them what is happening encourage them to come with you. Stop them walking into the situation. Spread the message in a safe way, do not endanger yourself or others. Remain safe.

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