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I am writing this because for the last day I have been chuckling at a fact (yes to me its a fact, if you know more science than me and this is wrong, DO NOT TELL ME! I don't want to know). We are all winning sperm!

I feel like a kid at school that has just been told something that changes there whole world, it is an amazing feeling! How often do you fall on a bit of information that just makes everything seem different and keeps you smiling for more than 24 hours?

This thought popped into my mind at the end of last nights #MHChatHour I am not sure why, but it just fell into my mind. In that moment I...well, my mind just shifted. I smiled, like a real smile, with joy that I could actually feel. The thought of me as a little sperm making my way to an egg, then growing into a person. THEN being a person that has a house, car, job. It just cracked me up. I saw myself as a big sperm moving around doing all these things, like a sperm driving and a sperm talking to other sperms hahaha. Still makes me laugh.

Why am I writing this? Well apart from the external mind crap currently happening, where I feel the need to thank my dad for not wanking me away or wearing a condom that time. It is because I feel we so rarely discover things that change our world, the way we think, the way we perceive the world around us. Sure most people are not thinking about being big sperms because they knew these facts (yes facts!) earlier in their life and assioated little meaning or thought to them. My 'unique' mind has for some reason stumbled on this previously learnt fact and processed it slightly differently. Resulting in my current mind set, and todays conversations at work (telling people you were a sperm, you were a sperm) and even asking some how they were the fastest sperm.


I am just delighted that at the age of 30, yes sorry to out myself, I know some of you think I'm younger than 25 and thank you for that, hugs and kisses! That at 30, I can still have my world changed just based on a different way of thinking.

I think it is like, when you sit in a class or at your desk and you always sit in the same place, you see everything from that point of view. If you get up and move, sit in someone else's seat or just move around the room, how different does everything seem? Its the same, but your view is...different. Adjusted? Refocused? Reimagined? Balanced? Considered?

Have you seen The Dead Poets Society? The film with the late great Robin Williams. Where he gets students to stand on their desks, to see the room from a different angle. My sperm thoughts are maybe not as emotive or thought provoking as that, but its the same sort of thing. To me anyway.

So as I go about my day tomorrow I will again be thinking 'your a sperm, your a sperm and your a sperm' chuckling as I walk past people / big sperms. What will you do to change the way you look at the world? I mean by all means join me with sperm thoughts, but maybe you could be more thoughtful with your reshaping of your world...

I know its not good, but putting your face on a sperm is harder than I thought. Its still making me chuckle though so...

#sperm #thinking #mind #perception #changeyourthinking

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