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My 2017 Five To Watch

My five to watch movies (see what I did there?!) follows on from my Daily Focal article where I previewed the movies I was looking forward to in 2017.

My list included:

• Spider-Man

• Wonder Woman

• Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

• Fate of the Furious, Fast 8

• Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Men Tell No Tales

• Justice League

• Star Wars 8

• Logan

• Transformers

• Thor, Ragnarok

• Beauty and the Beast

• Power Rangers

• Baywatch

• Jumanji

• 50 Shades Darker

• Pitch Perfect 3

Now for me, I am definitely looking forward to some of these movies more than others. Of that there can be no doubt (thanks Gwen). Its fair to say my views have changed slightly since writing that article too. I mean have you seen that Belle doll? Haha, that has actually put me of the Beauty and the Beast film. Not too mention I am not that keen on the look of the Beast. So here is my Five To Watch.

Honourable mentions to: Baywatch, I think I just want a few scenes. Spider-Man, which will be great, but I'm still annoyed about the constant recasting of the role and for me the Avengers storyline is about to move on to the next phase with Dr Strange, Guardians, Hulk and Thor set to take Avengers into more of a scifi world. Justice League, just because of the way DC films have gone.

5. Batman (Lego Movie)

Ok, so this movie wasn't on my original list but, I loved Lego Movie and Batman was a great character within that movie. The trailers I have seen for this followup movie look amazing! Heres Trailer 4

This very funny take on Batman is just fun. It is so far from the serious character his is meant to be. If you liked Lego Movie this is for YOU!

4. Star Wars 8

I am not a massive Star Wars fan, but I do like the movie franchise. Ep 7 rebooted the franchise in a great way mixing old and new characters. It had funny moments, but was far from the silliness that hindered the three prequel movie Eps. Like many I am interested to see who Rey is, how the Kylo Ren character develops. Good to see he didn't suffer the same fate as Darth Maul and die straight away. Im also interested to see how Luke's character plays out in the next Ep.

I haven't watched Rogue One, Im just not that much of a fan to watch a movie that is a spin off and fits between films I don't need more information from.

This film will also be more poignant because of the passing of Carrie Fisher. I believe her scenes were mostly or all filmed, but there will likely be editing now to explain the passing of the on screen character. As someone who is affected by mental health I love the work that Carrie did to promote the conversation of MH. I hope she gets something similar to Paul Walkers ending scenes in Fast 7.

3. Logan

X-men films are not that great, Wolverine films are worse! BUT, the trailer looks like the franchise maybe trying something new with Hugh's final movie as Logan. The movie looks more raw, less about being flashy and suped up. I think this has the potential to be the best X-men movie of the lot.

However Im really not sure. This movie is higher on my list because of the possibilities, not the expectations.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2

The first Guardians movie was possibly the best of the Marvel films so far. This and Captain America, Civil War are the only Marvel movies I have rewatched multiple times. So its fair to say I am expecting great stuff from Vol 2. I do worry that being the second one it will not have the same impact or seem as fresh as I the first did. With the same five actors reprising their roles I hope to see more character development, more humour and the team to start their journey towards the Avengers, with this possibly teased at the end of the movie.

1. Power Rangers

Ok, its fair to say a lot of people will disagree with this being number one of the list. But heres why they are wrong...ITS MY LIST! hahaha.

But really...

This is the first Power Rangers movie since the 1995 Mighty Morphin movie. Its fair to say the 2017 version looks very different. There will be a complete new start with Rangers finding / receiving their powers in the movie, rather that the 1995 version which was a continuation from TV episodes.

This version also looks to be taking a slightly more military feel. As seen by X-men. This hopefully leads to a seriousness and not a removal from the actual attire. X-men, in trying to add seriousness to their heroes didn't have them in their comic attire. This for me just meant they were less like the characters they were meant to be playing. Gratefully it looks like Power Rangers have just gone for an upgrade to the attires rather than chugging them completely.

I am looking forward to Brian Cranston as Zordon and would love a David Jason Frank cameo.

My worry for this movie is the Zords. That is the one bit I'm not sure on how they will incorporate into this more realistic, less comical version of the film. Again it could be great, but I'm not sure. Im sure the building will look better than the cardboard ones they used to have on TV haha.

I loved Power Rangers as a kid and so they will probably always been at least slightly interesting to me. heck I even watch the 1995 movie last year because I felt like it and wanted too. Im excited and really hoping this is a good - great movie and leads to a few more. Theres a great story with the Green Ranger to be told over a movie or two as well. I d love to see that. Given there isn't strictly speaking a Green Ranger being promoted as being in this movie, there is a future story there.

Well there you have it. Those are the movies I'm looking forward to seeing in 2017 and my 5 To Watch.

Do you agree? Did I miss one you can't wait to see? Let me know in the comments.

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