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Ticking Those Tasks

Today has really been about doing those things Ive put off for too long. You know when something needs to be done, but its kind of not urgent? Its like yes, that needs to happen but I don't really feel like doing it now. For me I have kind of always suffered with the do it today attitude, until some unknown inspiration strikes me. I have been even worse with this since I have been suffering with depression. My motivation is so low almost all of the time, its not even that I don't want to do these things, its that I can't bring myself to do them.

When I can I try to tie things like seeing friends or doing tasks into my working day. Hopefully that way its more likely to happen because I'm in work mode.

After putting off calling my car insurance until after the renewal date I eventually called because I took the policy information to work and I call during a lunch break.

I am the same with seeing some friends, if I can do something after work that makes me much more likely to go, because Im already out or when I get home I just change and go back out. There is not time to time about it and essentially talk myself out of going or doing something.

This is part of why I worry over the holidays, because I lose the routine of getting up for work and being in that mindset. I know people who have said don't worry, enjoy the time off. But I can't, I will always have things that need to be done and things I've put off that need doing so the time off isn't time off. Its simply a time when my focus should change from work you tasks at home.

Don't get me wrong, I will (and have already) spent a lot of time watching films (mainly rubbish ones), youtube and listening to podcasts.

I feel tired just thinking about all the things I could and should be doing.

However, today has been a productive day.

Last weekend I noticed that one of my car tires was looking a little flat. A quick foot test (push it with your foot) proved that is was fairly low on pressure. On Thursday (see above for how I put things off) I went to the petrol station and pumped in some air. I got the pressure up to what it was meant to be. Unfortunately by Saturday morning it looked like it was going down again. After again putting it off I decided today I would get it looked at and go to the garage. However once I looked at the tire this morning I knew I couldn't drive on it.

I got the tools out of the boot of the car and proceeded to take the tire off. I looked at the tire and couldn't see any real damage to the tire so I didn't know where the air was leaking from. Annoyingly my spare is under the car and Im not exactly sure how to release the tire from there. I tried to feel for clips but no luck. At that stage I realised mum was heading off so I could possibly get a lift. I called the garage that is around the corner from me and they said drop in. If they could repair it they would if not, it would be £40 and a 3 hour wait for a replacement. Fingers crossed.

I got dropped off, the garage looked at the tire and couldn't initially find anything wrong with the tire. Closer inspection revealed that the valve has worn and would need replacing. Not the whole tire. Yay!

They replaced the valve and I was all sorted in less than 10 minutes. Even better they did this free of charge! The garage is a very friendly local garage located in Havant about one mile from my home. Have you seen where this is going?

Yes, once repaired I carried the tire the mile home. My arms and back still ache haha. Im not built for strongman thats for sure haha.

When I got home I got the tire straight onto the car all sorted.

After carrying the tire I needed a rest so I sat down and had popcorn for lunch while watching another crummy film. While doing this is did also finish my emoji blog post for Friday. So I was pleased about that.

This afternoon hasn't been majorly productive but, that felt like a good achievement this morning. This afternoon I have tired to remember that I wanted to get some tasks completed today. So; Ive put the washing on (towels, jumpers and bedsheets), I have done a little bit of hoovering, I have put my letter to be posted in an envelope and addressed it. Unfortunately I can't find any stamps, so ill have to finish that one later or maybe tomorrow as I've missed the post collection today.

Also, I am very pleased for this next task. So I have a slightly strange set up where that back of my house is the front. Basically this means that I get post delivered to the shed in my garden. The shed has been in a state for over a year. When ever I go in there it annoys me. I think this really needs to be sorted. Then I walk away. Well today I actually stood in there and moved bits around and threw (literally) a few bits out the door. Its much tidier in there now and its so much easier to get to the post. Its a job well done. In truth it only really took 10 minutes. Thats bad isn't it, that I've allowed a 10 minute job like that to hang over me for a year plus. Sure I could do more out there, but just to get it tidy and so you can go in without having to balance on one foot as you go in. It just needed 10 minutes.

Anyway I am pleased I go it sorted. Heres a picture of one end of the shed. I feel like it doesn't look that tidy in the photo hahaha. The table football is likely to go in the NY as I don't use it and it needs a bit of fixing. So if your nearby and want one, hola at me.

Im pleased with what I've done today, I just need to do more of it.

Heres hoping you have a productive and happy day.


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