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MacBook Plus...

How pretty is my new MacBook?! Its just so pretty. So pretty.

Those that follow my twitter (@Mike_Douglas_) will know that over the last week or so I've been so looking at buying a few things. Well, its been quite a while actually, probably back to the summer. But theres a few things I wanted. While also not really needing any of them.

Those things are: MacBook, Go Pro, DSLR camera, new iPad.

The Go Pro I keep coming back to as a way to film more, but the reason I haven't gone further with buying one is because I would like to be able to take some good photos if I am carrying a camera around. Plus I am not convinced that the Go Pro is giving me a better video that my iPhone 7.

Then theres the new iPad. A new one would be great, my current one is getting a bit glitchy sometimes and always has no space. But it works fine. I'm really just watching tv and youtube on it so all the time that works I'm happy enough with it. The inability for it to do some of the things a desktop can is quite frustrating and does mean the usability is decreased for me quite a lot. Not being able to record the podcast or edit the website limits me a lot. Thus no new iPad.

Here we go. So today I went to have a look around a couple of shops. One, just to get out of the house I couldn't take another day of not going out. Two, I had looked lots online at the MacBooks and cameras, so I wanted to see what they where like in my hands and what kind of prices I could get in stores.

The first place I went into was a Currys / PC World having a closing down sale. There was 40% off a MacBook Pro, it was just too big for me and it had slight damage to it. Not for me.

There was an iMac reduced to £750 too, but similar to the new iPad idea this isn't really something I need right now, so that wasn't that appealing. Then I saw my baby! This beautiful MacBook, she's so gorgeous. I don't think I would have specifically looked for a Rose Gold (pink) MacBook, but when I saw this beaut, I was in love. Of course I still had to do some thinking, she's new so has a USB-C connection. Which basically means I need an adaptor to plug anything in. It is also the smaller version, the 13' not 15'. I like this as its portable, which is what I want. I stood around for about 40 minutes looking at stuff online and thinking. I hadn't really intended on buying anything today I just wanted to look around. But, my baby!

I worked out that what I had saved would cover the cost of my baby. It was more than I had planned to spend, but this was a newer model baby! haha.

So yes, I got her!

However...once home I realised that actually I really did want a camera, especially with the holidays coming up. I need a distraction from myself and a reason to go outside. This would help with the struggles that will inevitably come in the days and weeks to come around my mental health. I love my baby, but this isn't going to help too much with getting outside.

Fortunately and properly the only reason I am thinking about this is because I have managed to save over the last 6 - 9 months. Which I am really pleased about because I know I struggle with spending money on me and actually doing things for myself. So this has been a great day, because not only did I get my baby I have also ordered a camera!!

Again I have looked around I know the kind of camera I wanted in fact I was looking for a specific model, the Nikon D3300. However on the last couple of review sites I looked at I saw that there was a newer model on offer the D3400. The D3400 did have one big advantage, the ability to wirelessly send images to smart devises. Theres other advantages but thats the one that made a difference to me. So I opted to pay £20 more and get the newer model.

Looking back yes I have spend a lot today. But they are both good things and hopefully things that will help me feel better within myself and help to support me with motivation. I don't plan to spend out again anywhen soon. Though I have thought about things I could do around the house after February hehe. Im very pleased with todays purchase and I look forward to using them both to create more Mike's Open journal content.

I love my baby she's beautiful and this is the first post written on her. The camera is on its way and I look forward to snapping some photos that look awful, but good to me haha.

Thanks for reading

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