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Public Votes Open for UK Blog Awards 2016

It's one of those reflective moments. When I think...whoosh! This year has been about so much and required so much.

It's been a year where my mental health became too much of a struggle. It's been a time when I've given real thought to ending my life, a time when I've injured myself in fits of rage. I've ended a relationship because of my inability to be loved. It's been shit.

But! It has also been a year of talking about mental health, not openly at first, but I'm getting there. It's been a year where I've spoken to some of the most amazing people, and I mean the MOST amazing!

I've started blogging more, I even have a podcast! People come and talk to me about their own mental health stories! Like how amazing is that! I have been so lucky to hear their story and be able to share their thoughts and experiences. I have learnt so much from them.

I have struggled to talk to family and existing friends. But I've also made new friends that have helped me accept and work on the me I am today. For that I'm so grateful.

18 months ago I was in a sleeping bag, now I have a bed and a maternity pillow (I just like it, no babes haha). So things do change.

This year has been very...changeable and challenging. But there has also been some great positives, like the #MHmeet in Manchester and seeing some friends for the first time!

As this year draws to a close I even have the awesome opportunity to be part of the UK Blog Awards! Now, I know I'm not going to win, but just to be part of this, it's, it's just so much more than I could have thought of, let alone expected.

So thank you to those who have voted already for Mike's Open Journal, if you haven't that's ok (voting is open till the 19th so go now...NOW!!!).

In all seriousness, there are so many amazing Bloggers and Podcasters in my categories. Which is great, because I know a lot of them. So I get to be super pleased and proud of them too.

If you haven't already please look at the Blog Awards as there's sure to be a Blogger (or ten) you will love there.

As I said this years been hard and December is going to be another 💩 storm I think. But, I'm better prepared and have things I'm super looking forward to. Like: the 2016 Podcast with 5 guests later this month, the January #MHBsouthcoast meet up and in April the #TalkMH meet up. So fingers crossed right...

Till then, have a great December and please do vote for your preferred Blogger, they all work really hard to put the content out. Usually after or around work, studying and some with very hindering illnesses. So big them up, please! 


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