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Sex Buddy Needed, but Hug Buddy Needed More

Following my recent sexting article for Daily Focal I have had some amazing responses, so thank you to everyone that has replied and sent positive messages.

One of those conversations really got me thinking...and talking.

Sexting can be a great way for many of us to safely explore our desires, our boundaries, our sexual fantasies and ideal partners. All within the safety of our own rooms and with no chance of catching anything. Despite the use of the 🍆 icon, no one wants a purple penis! So stay away for those virus filled forums and just talk to people directly would be my advice.

As much as I don't want a purple penis I don't want a dead phone either.

I think subsequent conversations about the article have made me realise I really want two things and that in itself maybe causing some infernal conflict.

By the way I'm all about over thinking, did I mention that?

Desire Number One - Sex Buddy

Sexting is great! For me it's a chance to play the roles that would be great to perform in real life, but also try out new things. I do have a real desire to actually do these things...a real desire! But this post isn't about all the hot, dirty, arousing stuff that's in those sexts and the things we would do to each other. That'll maybe be another post.

Desire Number Two - Hug Buddy

Hugging is great! It's about acceptance, love, relaxation, physical contact. Peace. Happiness.

Interestingly I'm having more ideas as I write this. I feel like I desire these actions and interactions that, imply? Love, care and a closeness that I want, but feel unable to have at this moment in time.

I'm also seeing the importance that physical contact has for me, which is something I think day to day I avoid. Ironically, it is probably because of the same reason I want or crave that. The implied closeness.

I feel like I really really want a hug buddy! This could be a male or female friend. Someone that I just see and we can sit, lay, stand and just hug! Don't need to talk, just enjoy being with each other and have that physical contact. It is completely non sexual. Just happiness and relaxation.

In my mind this is very different to the sexual desire. However...however, in my mind I can go; hug, naked (non sexual) hug, spooning, grinding, neck kisses, mutual masterbation, intercourse.

So it's fair to say while they are separate desires, there is a connection 'Rolling eyes at my own mind'.

Do you have conflicted ideas, desires? Actually when you think about them are they linked?

Have you had positive, or even negative sexting experiences?

Interested in hearing about those desires and fantasies?

I hope this brief follow up post, about my thoughts after writing the sexting article, added something to the 'story' of me.

Thanks for reading.

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