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Asda Pizza Mix

Very pleased with today's unplanned Asda shop. After my third group therapy session I decided I wasn't up to going into town. Plus my phone battery was low, so not going anywhere haha.

I did however want to get some food and relax at home. So I visited my local Asda store to pick up some sweets and fizzy drink for the weekend, I'm so healthy right. I also purchased the Asda pizza mix, which I have gotten once before. Making my own pizza is fun, simple and very cheap. I also got a selection of Spanish salami and ham as my meat for the pizza topping. Along with some more regular shopping items like cereal, pasta salad, bread and chips. 

Once home I really enjoyed the process of getting everything ready, making the mix and adding the meat. Even if I did have to keep fending away the cats!

Unlike when I make brownies, I actually still wanted the pizza when it was made. While I may have a couple of bits of meat in making the pizza, I don't think that's the same as licking the bowl, the spoons and the whisks when making brownies.

Plus, I only used one third of the mix, so I'll be having another pizza session this weekend.

All in all very pleased with the Asda pizza mix. It's simple, easy and (the key word) cheap. The pizza tastes good too! 

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