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Morning Run, with Podcast 

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Running this morning was great. It's been four or five weeks since I've been out there, and I've missed it!The last couple of weeks I used having a new tattoo as an excuse; O, I can't wear my running top it will be too tight. Or I shouldn't get direct sunlight on it. 

The weeks before I was in a bit of a rough place and just wasn't getting out of bed on the weekends until the afternoon. 

Last night my new buddy @SimbaTalks mentioned she wasn't thinking about going for a walk, as was I. However I thought actually this could be the weekend I get back out there. So I decided not to walk. Instead I folded my washing and put it away, noting where my running stuff was. I didn't want to leave it out incase I didn't go, I didn't want to make myself feel bad about it. I made sure to charge my phone before bed, the I track my run with my Nike Running app, plus I could get most of my 10k egg done on Pokemon Go. Double win. 

Getting up in the morning wasn't actually too bad. I was up and out in about 15 minutes. It's much easier on the weekend to get up. I think that's because I know I'm only popping out haha. I filled my water bottle, got dressed, grabbed my phone and loose door key.

I have stopped wearing headphones because they stopped working. It's actually been quite fortunate. I have recently realised that I'm constantly surrounding myself with sound. Be that podcast, radio or something on in the background. I think it's to kind of stop myself from thinking. But it's also stopping from relaxing, so starting to have some soundless time is good. 

Leaving home I started my regular route. It is about 10 miles (when I'm up to the whole thing) from my house through a couple of residential areas, a park, a bridge a small bit of Forrest before a walking path along what I think is a harbour. Usually I go for around 8-9 miles. It's an A to B route, which I used to hate. It could be so unmotivating. However having recently watched 'Gattaca', there is a scene in which Ethan Hawk out swims his genetically superior brother in the sea. When asked how he's doing this his response is that he left nothing (energy) for the swim back to shore. It's something that has kind of stuck in my head. It's an interesting way to approach that kind of challenge, and has since made A to B running more interesting. 

From a theoretical standpoint you understand, my performance, I don't think, has actually improved. 

Anyway, I had also given thought to the fact this would be my first run in awhile and I may need a short break in the middle. With that break I would use the opportunity to test out recording on my phone. I could record a audio message to use for my podcast. This will be a great opportunity to see if I could record something short for the podcast, so I didn't always need to be sat at home in a room on my own. Well I truth I knew I could be the recording bit. It was more the getting it to the computer and in the right format to use. But this was a good excuse to try it out. 

At that mid way point I stopped and recorded a 5 minute podcast, took a few photos then made the return journey. I quickly realised I needed to turn Pokemon Go off at this stage, it was rinsing my battery.

As I approached home I realised I would finish on 9.10 miles, so I pushed myself to make it a more round number of 9.50, as I was doing this I thought maybe I could go that bit further, once I'd thought it that was it. It had to be done 10 miles! Yes! Once finished I walked up my road, stretching every couple of steps. I then completed some final stretches outside my house while uploading and syncing my run data. Apparently my Nike Running app has been updated so it looks very different. I need to look into this. 

I felt good and was looking forward to the egg and sausage sandwich I was about to make for breakfast. 

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