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Progress, the day after

As some of you may know last night was a difficult one for me. Even today has been a challenge, however since around 3PM I've achieved a lot of small tasks. These may be things that some people wouldn't consider a big deal, but in my current state of mind these tasks mean a lot.

Things like finally finishing taking down the bookcase I said I was going to do four months ago. Moving an unused drawer unit from the top of the stairs. Taking down a clock that hasn't worked for two years. Washing up, clearing the stairs, tiding the floor space in two rooms and the hall way. I have even taken photos of some things I want to sell.

Like I said some of these may seem like very small things but I feel my mood has lifted. There is still plenty more that needs to be done and that imaginary list hasn't really got any shorter. But right now I'm feeling quite good about the progress I'm making.

It all helps right?!

It's definitely not clean right now but it's getting tidier and that's a start. Cleaning comes next. Well...maybe. Like I said there's a few more things to do that may cause a mess.

Thanks for reading.

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