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Podcast Update

Hello again.

I've had a few podcast episodes now and I have to say I've enjoyed every one of them. It's been an interesting progression from blogging. Having the opportunity and the challenge in many ways to say thoughts and feelings out loud, can and has been very challenging at times. Saying things out loud somehow makes them seem more real and more I guess just more. In my mind it seems to somehow give them a form or shape and... It's hard to explain. I guess when you are writing or typing the expression, feeling or thought is leaving your body and is visible on the paper or on the screen. Then when you're talking and the emotion is kind of leaving your mind through your mouth. For me there sometimes is that expression or imagery in front of your face. Like I said it's hard to describe.

However with that challenge has come a real sense of pride in being able to speak the words. I believe for me the increased communication and conversation around mental health has also been extremely encouraging. I really feel that I have taken a lot from being able to talk to other people about mental health in a general sense, but also talking specifically about my own experience and struggles.

I think it helps because it's a way of acknowledging what I am going through. But also recognising that there are many other people in similar situations with their own struggles and challenges, and that together there is a huge opportunity to share information about material, resources and campaigns that can help. As well as just being able to talk to somebody else who has an idea about some of the struggles you can come across and equally you're able to listen and discuss some of the challenges that they face as well.

I would say more recently my negative thoughts have been less intense and to some extent less frequent. However there are still many challenges ahead and many struggles each day. I am hugely grateful that so many people have reacted positively to both this blog and to the podcast. I hope to continue to talk and listen to many more of you that are reading this and or listening to the podcast.

Remember you are not alone out there;

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