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As you may know by now I have started a podcast, which is amazing. Its been very challenging from a technical point of view. I still can't quite believe you can just upload a video to youtube, but for a podcast (so just audio) you have to have a host site, a feed, plus a website. Whoosh!

It has been great though having the opportunity to talk about the things Im thinking and actually say them out load. I have definitely found it harder to just talk than just write. But at the moment I like doing it unprepared it feels a bit more natural and I guess its just about being happy to talk.

I am hoping to work out how to have guests on the podcast too. That maybe a challenge for next week.

One of the things I have liked is that it is just another way to communicate with people and (for me more importantly) I have found that its helped to get some things out of my system a little. In a similar way to blogging. I guess its coming back to just trying different things and seeing how it fits with you.

Its a breif one this time, after posting last night when I couldn't sleep I thought its been a while since Ive posted. So I thought I would go with a quick update post.

Hope your all well and thanks agin for reading.

Mike's Open Journal is now available on iTunes!


Theres a website!

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