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Kicks, twitches and / or ticks

Today has not been a good day, I have achieved nothing, I have had no energy all day. I am trying not to be too hard on myself and accept that I sometimes have days like this.

However I have an interview to prepare for this week, it could make a big change, it could be a real positive change in my life. I know that I need to prepare, and I what to prepare, but I just cant do anything and that is so annoying.

I have had quite a few 'kicks' today, I dont think I have mentioned these before. I have had them for a long time, these 'kicks' or reactions I guess are better described as shocks or ticks. I think it is my body fighting back against my mind. I think it is trying to switch or refocus my mind. Sometimes it is a jolt to my head, or like a twitch to the side. Other times it can be my whole body.

This helps to put a fork in the road or the path my mind is on. It doesn't always work, but it creates an option to rethink and refocus. I cant think of another explanation for this other than my body fighting back against my mind, but I do concede that it sounds a bit ridiculous.

This is something I have had or been doing for a while now. However I don't think I have ever really recognised or acknowledged it. I suppose I only really find myself noting it now is because someone else has commented on it.

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