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Netflix's Dude implies rape isn't serious & thats not ok

I liked this film (Dude) it was ok-good. Liked the characters, their stories and the dude vibe.

However, I am so angry, so angry. In fact I’m writing a flipping post, its annoyed me that much.

Trigger Warning - This post discusses sexual assault.

Why am I so angry at the featured Netflix original film, I hear (assume) you asking.

Let me transcribe the scene that starts it off.

Lily (main character) and Mike move from downstairs, where the party is, to a private room.

Mike "Man, you are sexy. Fuck."

Mike pushes Lily to the bed.

Lily "Uhm... Those are for a ballon party. We’re not, we’re not having sex"

Mike "Uh-huh. Yer"


Mike quickly moves down from kissing Lilly’s face, to her chest, stomach and then vagina.

Lily clearly uncomfortable moves slightly up the bed, moving slightly away from Mike.

Mike "Oh, my god, you’re so wet"

Mike moves back up having removed his trousers and underwear.

Mike thrusts.

Mike "Oh"

Lily "Whoa, dude...Okay, that was really... that was really tricky"

-- I assume because Lily is not aroused and so not 'wet'.

Lily "Mike stop. Mike, stop"

Mike "Hold on"

Mike "Hold on, I’m going to come. I’m going to come"

Lily "Mike. Get off. Get off."

Mike moans.

Lily wriggles free as Mike goes limb.

Lily sits on the side of the bed, teary eye and says "Can I have my underwear please."

To be clear, this is rape.

The outcome from this is Lily has a couple of days pushing people away and being sad. But then gets some girl power motivation, Mike gets kneed in the balls some time later and yay everyone is happy.

Like what the actual?!?

In fact there is a scene later where Lily says its ok he was just "goal orientated". Which I feel basically is saying rape is selfish, but its ok.

For a major studio like Netflix to produce this, in 2018(!) is horrifying. The movie treats rape as if its the same as grazing someones bum by accident.

After watching this movie I instantly went to twitter, obviously. I saw 2 tweets saying this movie was awful because of the way it treated rape. Then 40+ posts saying they like or love the movie.

What is going on?

Maybe I am over thinking, I am prone to that. But come on, seriously. This is not ok!

Rape is serious, no consent equals rape. Rape is not a joke. Rape changes lives, and not just for a couple of days or weeks.

I am disappointed and angry in this film, and Netflix. I am also confused about some viewers reactions.

I dont even know what to say.

If you have been affected or know someone who has, please report it. Please seek help and support.

Rape Crisis (England and Wales) -

Rape is not ok.

NO means NO, shit even no response means no. This isn't complicated.

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