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My Sister's Salon is 5 (in name & age)

Five years ago my sister opened a salon.

Opening a salon and keeping a business running is an achievement I must admit I don't often give my sister credit for. It is awesome! She has started a business that has allowed her to live her dream of working in a salon, in fact, not just working there, but also owning it!

There is a lot of hard work that goes into starting up a business, something I have seen more of in the last 6-18 months with the redevelopments and new businesses that have recently opened, in Southsea in particular.

I am so pleased to see smaller independent businesses growing in Portsmouth and Southsea. The importance of which I think can be seen through the regular: community events, street parties, festivals and markets, which happen on an annual basis.

In addition to this we have brands like Strong Island, Southsea Folk, Urban Salt and Team Locals all sharing content about the amazing brands and events happening within the local area.

Sometimes I wonder how cool it would be to have a little base for Mike's Open Journal and to be able to invite people in to talk mental health, record short podcasts, share and display information about local services, support and groups.

While I am sat here thinking and dreaming, my sister has been working hard to make her dream a reality for the last five years.

No5 Hair & Beauty is a lovely salon in the Fratton / North End area of Portsmouth. The salon is always clean and friendly, which is essential. But it gives you that little boost as you walk in off a busy hight street. Here's their stuff

"No5 is an affordable luxury hair and beauty salon. We are a local friendly team ready to meet all of your hair and beauty needs."

Regular readers will know that family and relationships are hard for me. So maybe that feeds into why I don't talk about family things much. But I really am super proud of my little sis for being proactive in finding and rocking her goals. Love you poo face.

I don't know what she wants for the next five years, but heres hope... heres knowing, that she will rock whatever she decides to do.


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