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I am super excited today, as its finally launch day for the #ILiveItIBlogIt campaign.

The campaign, created and led by John, has been a very interesting one to be part of. In all honestly I haven't done too much, a day of talking, taking photos and some filming, which took longer because of rain. Plus a few tweets to help raise awareness of the campaign. But even just that has been great.

More than what I've done, it has been about being part of John's idea. That's what I'm proud of and excited about. Celebrating blogging, celebrating diversity, sharing and respecting the people that are involved and that participate.

I have been told "you shouldn't talk about depression" "mental health isn't a real thing" "you shouldn't talk about sex" "Im passionate about fighting this behaviour (in reference to me talking about sex and sexual health)", and I have been told this by other bloggers. Honestly it has been and is something that I find really difficult, receiving hate from people that say they stand for equality in blogging is not cool.

That is one of the reasons I love this campaign idea, at a time when many bloggers have come under fire for talking about 'non popular' topics or experiences they want to, or marginalised because they are different in some way. Instead of the blaming and shaming, #ILiveItIBlogIt celebrates those differences! It helps to show us what blogging can and should be.

There has also been talk about diversity in regional and national awards recently. I don't have too much to say as I know other people will and can go into this in much more detail than I. So for now I will skip this.

As a male blogger I also frequently feel part of the small minority in a world filled with female beauty, fashion and travel bloggers (which are amazing,). However I read yesterday on that there are only 1.8% more female bloggers than males. I find this so hard to believe because of what I see online. Maybe this shows lack of representation males have in blogging groups, communities and awards. Maybe men are less likely to 'share' their blog. I really don't know.

I truth, I prefer to spend my time with females over males so, for me, this is not a problem as such. But I believe it is something that prevents me from feeling more part of the 'community'.

Blogging for many of us started because we wanted or needed to write. We needed that outlet, we wanted to share. It was not about being exclusive.

Today I am proud to celebrate my participation in John's inclusive campaign and I hope that it encourages others to blog. We all have our own story to tell whatever our skin colour, hair colour, race, religion, belief, age, gender, orientation, nationality, heritage, ability, needs, health, culture, identity or anything else that makes us us.

Please check out #ILiveItIBlogIt today and find out more about the amazing people involved in this campaign.

If you feel inspired by I live it I blog it, why not give blogging a try? Or vlogging, maybe even podcasting? The campaign, in my mind is about celebrating our diversity and embracing that. I very much believe if we were all the same, that would be boring and there would never be any progress or innovation.

Blogging is a great way to share your own stories, adventures and experiences. Your thoughts and wonderings may inform and or inspire someone else. Your struggles maybe support for someone in a dark place. Your product or service recommendation may enrich someones day.

Lets celebrate and respect each other and blogging.

Campaign launches Sunday 13th August 2017 at 6pm

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