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Why I will be voting Green

First up, please just vote! Whoever it is for, please vote! This is our chance to have a say in how our country is run and who runs it. Please vote!

Many of us will roll our eyes and curse the decisions made in London, well this is our chance to have our voice heard.

I have previously voted for Labour and Conservative in national elections and thus far always voted Liberal Democrat in the local elections. So I think its fair to say I have no ties to any party in particular. That maybe makes my view slightly different to someone who is a follower or member of a party.

So, why am I voting Green. Well firstly let me say I know that any party can change once they have some power or are elected. The best example being the Lib Dems failure to support students while in the coalition, in complete contract to their promises before the election. This is by no means something unique. It happens every time. Its just a good example.

The things I like about the Green's key policies:

  • Invest in transport infrastructure

  • Invest in clean energy

  • Renationalise energy, water, rail, care work and buses

  • End the gender pay gap

  • Mental health care to be improved

  • Ability to vote from 16

  • Promotion of sustainable energy

As with any party there are a few things that I don't like though, heres the polices that I am not keen on:

  • End of zero hours contracts

  • School starting age of 7

  • Ending Tuition fees

  • Second Brexit referendum on the terms of Brexit

A bit of explaining, so I want to see more investment into renewable and sustainable energy. I would like to think that the planet will still be here in years to come and not like something from Wall-E.

Additionally more equality in wages and in voting can only be a good thing in my mind. At 16 you can get married, have sex, drink (if with someone over 18) and drive a moped, so why can't you vote? Seems a bit of a no brainer to me. The same with improving mental health support and services. Those that are regular readers will know its fair to say I have more than a passing interest in this area.

Locally the Greens and Lib Dems are always fighting for school fields and our green spaces which is something I don't think many people focus on, and they should because once its built on its gone.

However, as you can see theres still some things I don't agree with.

I think zero hours contracts work for some people, I have used them in the past as an employer and I am currently on one. It is maybe the use of them that needs to be looked at and how employers use them rather than provide some employees with no guarantee of work.

Starting school at 7? Nope sorry that ones not for me. I think education needs to be seriously looked at, and questions asked what exactly we want from our schools and the education system.

Tuition fees should be capped its getting ridiculous. But I do think we should pay for that education. Potentially the 'fees' and 'loan' system would be better reworked and described as a 'education TAX'? Thats how I think of it, and it makes so much more sense to me that way.

Another vote on Brexit, no. I don't think it should have happened on a 52-48 percent vote. There should have been a 60 or 65 percent majority required for any change. However its happened now and I don't think you should go back to revote because you don't like the result that happened. That undermines the whole voting process. As for the public voting on the terms, no, thats what we elect politicians for. Please don't try and pass the job / responsibility over to us. To me thats like a mechanic asking you to fix your own car because he doesn't want any complaints, but still charging you for the service.

"Well, ok, but you're wasting your vote". Yes I have heard this and to some extent think this. I want change, I do not want May and the Conservatives back in power, so should I vote Labour just to get them out? I know a few people considering this option, which has played on my mind. However, if I agree more with the Green Party why would I vote for someone else? If my argument is that not enough people will vote for the Green Party and I want to but don't, then I am part of that problem.

Thus I have decided that on Thursday 8th June 2017 I will for the first time be voting for the Green Party. I will do this in the knowledge that they will likely not win. But I will have done my bit to show that you should vote for who YOU want, not just the big parties or the most likely opposition.

Great stuff if you feel like you want to vote Green to, but if not thats cool too. Just VOTE!

If you want to find out more about the election, like who is standing in your area. Then check for more information.

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