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My Apps Review - WWE Champions

Last week having seen a promo somewhere I downloaded a new app, I was very excited I was looking forward to playing and reviewing it. It even gave me the idea of doing a apps review blog post. Then I played it...O dear.

I like WWE and I like bejewelled how could a game that involves both go wrong. Well guess what this game did go wrong.

After playing for around 30 minutes maybe 40, I gave up. The game doesn't let you play either bejewelled or wrestling, let alone both.

You move one or two jewels, then your wrestler can make a move. The moves improve in power and damage the more connections you make. But that seems to really be down to luck as you only get one or two moves and I never understood why I has more of less moves. I did understand that if you linked 4 or 5 jewels then that got you more...whatever your collecting...points?

Also, sometimes you need a finisher to win other times you don't. I pinned some strong characters with three non finishing moves. Maybe it needed more time? I don't know. I just felt frustrated that I was not playing wrestling or bejewelled.

I had brought into the graphics on the welcome screen and was expecting something awesome within the game. I mean a cover roster including The Rock, Stone Cold, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor and the Undertaker! Yet you don't get to actually play as them. You just choosing a move after moving one jewel most of the time.

Like I said very frustrating! The game had promise, but its lost me. Im more likely to re-download WWE Supercards than play this again.

This is a 2/10 app for me. The graphics are great and I'm prepared to say maybe if you give it longer you'll work out how to play in more detail. I was just left feeling even if I work out why this means this or does this. I didn't care. I wanted to play bejewelled and or wrestling. I was left feeling like I couldn't and wasn't playing either.

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