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iPhone Arkon Mount

I am so pleased to be writing about my iPhone mount. Its great, before I purchased it I really didn't appreciate how much I would use it. I have already attached it to trees and gates, in addition to having it as a stand.

My mount is from Arkon (@ARKON_MOUNTS), which I purchased through Amazon.

When I was thinking about getting a mount I looked at amazon, read reviews and watched some youtube videos. I started to think about the different things I wanted from the stand / mount and this Arkon was the best one I could find and at £20 it was around the price I wanted.

Despite all the research you never know what the quality will be like with something from online, including amazon. I have had low quality stuff before! But this is great! It is very sturdy, flexible and aesthetically pleasing.

I have used the mount to film a shopping haul, take photos in the field and near the cliffs at Bournemouth. I was very reluctant to put my phone in the first couple of times at home and especially when I used it on the gate (photo above). But I'm quite happy to use it all the time now. Its just scary at first because I was like agh its my phone. I would definitely recommend trying any mount you buy at home first, and not just in the regular standing position. See what its like in a couple of different positions too and understand how it grabs or holds your devise.

I have also attached my DSLR to the stand but you do need to keep in mind the weight when doing this. It will be very different to when your phone is in it! I would be happy to use the mount for my DSLR in a safe place, but I would still be reluctant to have the mount hold the DSLR from a tree or gate.

After a few weeks with the mount, I continue to be pleased with it and look forward to using it even more in the future. If you have any questions about using this mount I would be happy to answer.

I have found myself quite prepared to pack a bag when going out to take photos. Ill take a water bottle, notepad and the Arkon mount in my bag. I usually have a backup battery for my phone too, again great to have a small bag with your gear in if your going out for a while and so the mount is just one more thing in the bag.

I have taken the mount when I'm just hoping out a couple of times, it is a little more awkward to carry then. But I have a drawstring bag that is great for this exact situation.

For me this is a great accessory that has helped me to take better shots, particularly with my phone. It has also helped with my motivation and creativity with photography.

If you have any products you love, it would be great to hear from you.

All in all this is a great product I would highly recommend it.

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