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Visiting the Dentist

Over the Christmas New Year period I visited the Dentist for my rearranged appointment. I forgot my previous one... in October. Oops, only missed it by 2 months.

On arrival I was welcomed by the update your details sheet, o joy!

This was one of those occasions where I was met by the dreaded 'questions'. Im usually pretty good at these, as a non smoker, non caffeine and now non alcohol drinker. I like to think test pretty well on these questionnaires. However I came unstuck with the medication question. Damm!

It did feel strange officially and formally acknowledging and recording my medication. While I was sat there going through the form I did have to google how to spell citalopram. I added my dosage, but held back on the illness / reason section. I put down mental health. That is as much as they need to know. It still felt strange to be writing it down on a form.

When it was my turn in the big chair I was pleased to be greeted by the same Dentist I had previously seen. I had a spell of about 3 or 4 years were every time I went to the Dentist's I would see a different person, I found it a bit annoying because they clearly never knew who you where and had often glanced at your records at most. Not great!

However this Dentist has been at the practice for a number of years now and she is lovely. Very pleasant and friendly. Along with being quite helpful I think.

After being informed they needed new X-rays and everyone running outside (I alway find that bit strange, like where are you going?!) and returning, I had my check up.

I was told there was a little bit of bleeding from my gums and this could be the start of gingivitis. Gingivitis is where there is a plaque build up around your teeth.

I was asked if I flossed. I said I have done on occasion, but no not on any sort of regular basis. Then my Dentist used and recommended these brushes. She said flossing can be hard to do and often doesn't get that much plaque out of the gaps between teeth. I was informed for me, I would have slight bleeding while using this for the first few days and after that it should stop as I clear plaque and the gum builds up its strength.

Teeth mean a lot to me, I had braces when I was at school and I occasional wear a retainer while sleeping still, so I'm trying to keep them nice. I don't want horrible gums and have all my teeth fall out.

There are different sizes of brushes, I have the fine size because there is very small gaps between my teeth. I think there are two sizes bigger than fine for different tooth arrangements. I believe I paid £2 something for a pack of 20 in Wilkos. You can get them on Amazon too.

I have had about 3 weeks of these brushes and I have to say I've only really used them twice a week. Not the every day I'm meant to be doing. My teeth only bleed the first two times I used them. You can really get in there in a way I never have with floss. I don't know about long term, but I think I'm much more likely to carry on using them as I feel like I'm actually doing something. Whereas I was very really that sure with flossing.

I would definitely recommend these, just make sure you have the right size brush.

I am interested to hear if you have used these before and what your experience has been with them. I feel like this is something new, but that could be because I've just never heard of them before. Let me know.

Thanks for reading

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