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Guest Blogging

If you are interested in hearing a bit more from me, or would like to see a few other mental health related sites. Then I recommend visiting the below sites because I have had some interaction with them. In fact, I have blogged for them!  

Time to Talk: How Finding an Emotional Outlet Can Save Your Life

THERAPYLAB #18 | Mike Douglas

Mental Health blogger, campaigner and presenter of the podcast MOJO, Mike Douglas talks about his experience of depression, group therapy, being mindful and the power of communication. Subscribe now to keep up to date with the latest Therapy Lab episodes. More about Therapy Lab with Sheri: Award-winning psychotherapist Dr. Sheri Jacobson has sat on both sides of the therapist's chair. In this podcast, Sheri explores inspiring individual's personal insights into therapy, mental health and wellbeing.


What Men Want You To Know About Mental Illness

My guest blog post for Jodie's blog was part of her 'What I what you to know' Time to Change post. 

Looking to Try Something Different? Its Nearly Speed Dating Season Again

My guest blog post for Soapbox about my speed dating experience. 

Mental Health Online Groups & Chat

My guest blog post for Middlesbrough & Stockton Mind, about online groups and chats. 

I Hate Cards

My guest blog for Message on a Mango

Talking with Friends

My guest blog post for Sick Not Weak, about one night when I needed a friend during my mental health journey. 

The Face of Mental Illness

My guest post for Liv's blog ' Living with a mental illness'. 

Taking your Psych Medication for the First Time

My guest post on Joy's Blog about mental health medication, and all my initial thoughts on taking it. 


My guest post for Soft Blues, (@reb_moynihan) is about guest blogging and why I think its good.

COLLAB: Break the Stigma

This collaboration post is written by Lisa, with contributions from myself and some other very brave Bloggers.

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