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Quietly Quitting Instagram

Quietly quitting is weird right? It’s such a negative way to view someone ‘just’ doing their job. How is doing your job quitting? Answer it isn’t. That said, I’m thinking using "quietly quitting" in my title works for this post. Plus it may add some glorious SEO power (Hi new readers).

If we are using this term ‘quietly quitting’ to mean reducing what you are doing, while still being present and active; then it fits here. Instagram has been where I post my loveliest of photos, creating a gallery of images and memories. Yes, I’ve also developed a style of photography/ imagery that I prefer and try to keep to. Sometimes with the more general photos as a second, third or fourth image.

Over the last two years or so I have also used the captions more. Providing a short insight, detailing an experience or event and how it’s affected me or how it’s supported my wellbeing. Captions/ text that previously I may have used as a blog post were now being used on Instagram. This, in part, has led to less blog posts being posted. Because I was saying/ sharing my experiences on Instagram I didn’t feel the need to add more text/ thoughts and re-post here, on the blog. At the time this was fine and became a nice way to include and share more on Instagram and with those following me there.

However, Instagram has changed. It’s become a place I enjoy less, and so a place I feel less willing to share; as much, as often. When I open Instagram I no longer see friends or people I follow. Now it’s ads, posts from people I don’t follow, ads and more random videos. Videos, there really is a lot of videos. Gone are the days of videos being a IGTV thing, or reels. Now it’s all over the feed. Instagram is now a video platform first.

Being a video platform is cool, but that’s not what I have used Instagram for, and it’s not really what my focus is. I love seeing friends photos (their snapshots) of days out, holidays, meet-ups, adventures and days at home with pets. I enjoy sharing photos of my adventures, experiences and creating a gallery of (in my eyes) nice photos.

I do follow some cool video focused creators with interesting videos of tiding, mindfulness, yoga, home working and time management. But I’d rather see them displayed on my feed separately, either on another app or via a tab that switches the feed from photo to videos. Videos take up so much screen space and often lead to me leaving the app quicker.

Thing is Instagram can do what they want with the app, it’s theirs. The thing I can do, after clicking “hide ad” and “it’s irrelevant” ten times, is reconsider how I use this app/ platform. I don’t want to quit, I’m still having some conversations that are great, informative and fun. Plus I love the occasional photo I do see from friends and adding my own photos to my gallery. But the ads, the ads! And the focus on video is leading me to rethink the time I spend on Instagram and how I use the app.

Maybe it’s time to post more on the blog and less on IG? Or are there other social media platforms that are better setup for or focused on photos? Let me know if you have a favourite photo focused social media platform.

For now, maybe more short blog posts…


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