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Being Tired & Acknowledging It

Last week I rounded off a couple of very busy weeks and I was pretty tired. So much so I didn't get to posting this blog entry until today, one week after writing it.

I have three evenings working this week, then it should quiet down again for a little while. Fingers crossed for some lazy time soon.

Anyway here are my tired thoughts from last week.


This week I have worked three evenings, finishing my day at about 9pm. There’s been a range of projects happening recently, with one concluding this week and another, the annual Time to Talk Day, being held this week. I’m also delighted to have podcast recordings and guests booked in now through till the early summer. All this means it’s been a good, but busy week.

Time to Talk Day was interesting as I followed and watched online mental health related conversations. While sharing resources and signposting to support myself. It was an interesting day, but the big thing for me was attending a Champion’s Panel session with a regional Time to Change Hub.

I really enjoyed hearing about the Champion’s experiences and insights. Some of their talks were really hard to hear. Not particularly because of any relation I have to the talking points. But because of the emotion they were delivered with and or because of the emotional reaction I had to hearing those stories of lived experience with mental health illnesses.

The Panel was amazing, just on reflection I think it emotionally tired me more than I realised. But to be clear I would totally attend it again.

It has been an emotional time recently, and I think maybe one I have not truly recognised.

On the positive side I have recently spoken to my friends Hannah (Ep208) and Angela (Ep210) on the podcast, and gosh, it was great just speaking to them. It’s been so long since we had the opportunity to sit down and talk. With all things covid there has been no meet ups since mid-late 2019 and it still looks uncertain for 2021. So just talking with these awesome people was great.

This week Laura and I have had a few wedding conversations and it’s been tricky working out what’s (maybe) possible and what we want/ are happy with. So that’s also been on my mind.

So yer, it’s mostly been great lately. It’s just there's some things that have taken a toll I hadn’t completely acknowledged. Fortunately, I’ve had a lovely Saturday with Laura; we’ve popped outside, walked, it’s been sunny, we played a game, watched a film, the pick n mix I ordered finally arrived, and I had a bath. Now it’s Sunday and I’m just tired hahaha.

While some of the recent conversations or activities have been hard to hear or think about; for the most part they have been really positive and enjoyable. Which is sometimes why I forget or don’t realise these conversations and activities can still take their toll, even if they are fun.

It’s still very hard for me to acknowledge (and action) this, but sometimes you/ I just need a little break, and breath, before the next thing. So that’s what I’m doing this weekend. A fun Saturday and a slow Sunday... well I’ll try.


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