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Moving Makes You Think

I wanted to title this post with a moving house pun, alas I couldn't find any short enough for a title. But I enjoyed this one so much I've made the effort to type this intro.

'What four-legged animal can jump higher than a house? Any, houses can't jump!' - The simple ones are the best.

We are well into the moving process now. Well, as into it as you can be without actually being about to move. We have found a house, had our second offer accepted and going through the process.

My place is on the market, it's had a few viewings now and a few offers. Unfortunately none that are high enough.

--- (Update) Offer now accepted. Fingers crossed it all goes through ---

Some of you will know this has impacted on a few things, one being podcast recording. There's been a few occasions when I've needed to rearrange recordings and I am expecting there maybe a recording/ upload break around August to October time. So there maybe a bit of previous episode promoting going on, or I may even have more time for the occasional blog post. I really have missed not writing as much this year, but it's also been nice not having to keep to a weekly schedule.

Preparing to move has meant I've needed to go through stuff and work out what I want to take, sell, donate, or throw away. I am trying to keep the last one to a minimum, so some things have taken longer than expected.

I have enjoyed some of the going through things, seeing certain memories and remembering times with friends and life moments. However, I have also found some parts difficult. Going through old memories and photos thrown in the cupboard has resulted in finding items and images from my previous marriage. That's been hard. Some of those memories are/were good memories, but it all feels tainted and devalued because of how it ended, as much as that it ended.

As I 'move' forward in both senses, I am questioning how much I want these memories. They are a big part of my past, I don't want to wipe out almost a decade of my life. But I also don't want them to have a pull on me.

My decision, so far, has been to keep some items and images, but remove most. That way I think I can keep the, there were good moments, but that's over and a small part of my history.

The house. I actually have grown to re-like my house. It's my space. However it's not really been a home for a number of years. I think this is highlighted by my approach to certain things. I still haven't changed the top up meters to monthly payments, most of my other bills are paid manually. I haven't set up direct debt. There has been some cool beneficial house improvements. But these have often been at the purpose of making the house 'better' and so more sellable in the future. Not because they where things I wanted for me. I was totally ok with that, this wasn't a depressive me, it's just interesting to look at how easy I kept it for me to leave.

While I am sure my Dad would say theres a lot of crap here, for a 3 bed house, there really isn't. Apart from the cats, I could move into a 1 bed and only need to lose a minimal amount of stuff.

Moving in with Laura. Well, what do I say. There will definitely be things we annoy each other with, but I honestly can't imagine living with someone so wonderful will come with much difficulty. Her approach to life, love and faith is something I aspire to. So fingers crossed I'll learn some of her ways when we live together. Though it has to be said this 5am Teacher alarm thing sounds like something I'd like to opt out of. I am sure there will be more to say later, but right now, I'm just looking forward to being able to have more time together. Particularly the down time. I have noticed that in the last few months, towards the end of my recent therapy and after, that we have had more down time together and it's been great. I feel so much more connected by having this time together.

So often before we were having a date, or seeing someone, or going somewhere. All great things, but it can be, and was for me, limiting my connection to Laura. In short I'm looking forward to moving to Cuddle Palace.

There will be more moving posts, especially if we don't move in early August, so look out for those. Until then, hola back with any moving advice and things I should make sure I do before moving.

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