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My New Role Model - Laura

Even when you know the story and the person. Nothing quite prepares you for hearing & seeing them talk openly about mental health and their own story.

Today, Laura Cloughley has become an even bigger role model to me. Her bravery to talk openly & honesty about her own struggles to help, support and advise other people on the potential struggles and challenges is nothing short of inspirational, motivational, heart moving and emotional.

Knowing Laura, I doubt she will realise that with her message she will help so many. Through guidance and awareness raising. So for those that can't say it, and for myself, I thank Laura from my head, my heart and my soul. Thank you so much for you openness, your honesty and for being you! You are an amazing person and a very, very dear friend.

I love you. 

Laura's speech is available via Dropbox or by contacting Laura at Ellejc.com

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